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Criminal charges dropped today against former Miami Dolphin David Boston

Trial was scheduled to begin today in Broward County for the October 13, 2007 arrest of David Boston for battery, false imprisonment, resisting officer without violence and culpable negligence. The charges were dropped at the onset of trial which puts all of David's legal issues behind him, including an August 2007 arrest for DUI which was reduced to reckless driving. During the past year, David has been a member of the Toronto Argonauts in the CFL. According to Guy Fronstin, attorney to Boston, "today's positive outcome opens the door for David's return to the NFL."

Guy Fronstin, Esquire, Attorney to David Boston

Gorenberg family provides lead to authorities regarding fraudulent use of murder victim Randi Gorenberg's credit card

According to Guy Fronstin, the Gorenberg's attorney, "While reviewing a credit card statement, Dr. Gorenberg noticed charges made on his wife's credit card after she was murdered." "Dr. Gorenberg brought this information to me and I immediately provided the lead to the PBSO Detectives working Randi's murder investigation," said Fronstin. Although the investigation into the compromised credit card is in its early stages, Fronstin says "the Gorenberg's remain extremely hopeful that the lead they provided is the break Detectives need to find the monster responsible for Randy's murder."

Guy Fronstin, Esquire, Attorney to the Gorenberg family

Insurance fraud charges dropped against Dr. Stewart Gorenberg

Dr. Stewart Gorenberg's wife, Randi Gorenberg was murdered after shopping at the Town Center Mall in Boca Raton, Florida (March 2007).

According to Dr. Gorenberg's attorney, Guy Fronstin, "immediately after Randi Gorenberg's murder, Detectives mistakenly focused their investigation on Randi's husband." As a result, "the Detectives were determined to pressure Dr. Gorenberg and therefore in 2007 they asked the Broward State Attorney's Office to pursue criminal charges for a 2005 insurance billing matter previously investigated and civilly resolved without any finding of wrongdoing on Dr. Gorenberg's part" said Fronstin.

Nevertheless, Dr. Gorenberg was arrested and charged with two counts of insurance fraud. Fronstin states that "Dr. Gorenberg appreciates that the prosecutor who handled the case permitted Fronstin to present exculpatory evidence and took the time to understand the case and recognize that the pending charges were not just."

In explaining how the alleged insurance fraud case was resolved, Fronstin stated "the facts clearly establish Dr. Gorenberg's innocence beyond any doubt. In order to bring the matter to conclusion, Dr. Gorenberg agreed to plea no contest and in return the State dismissed one count of insurance fraud and dropped the other to misdemeanor petit theft." According to Fronstin, "Dr. Gorenberg was not convicted of anything and only has to pay $397.00 in court costs. This outcome unequivocally vindicates Dr. Gorenberg of the false allegations."

Guy Fronstin, Esquire, Attorney to Dr. Stewart Gorenberg

Attorney guy fronstin forms dream team to represent Madoff victims

Within hours of Bernard Madoff's arrest, attorney Guy Fronstin received more than a dozen calls from friends and family who were heavily invested with Bernard Madoff. Investors told Mr. Fronstin they were "overwhelmed, depressed, not thinking clearly, and had no idea who to turn to for legal guidance in response to the effect of the Madoff fraud."

Mr. Fronstin said, "it quickly became clear that investors needed assistance at many levels from emotional support to expert legal counsel. However, one person could not provide competent advice and counsel for all the areas needed." Therefore, "I recognized a team approach was needed to respond to the Madoff crisis and after thoroughly studying the situation, established a 'dream team' of experts from around the country to assure that investors are not victimized further." Michelle Ball, an investor from New York, referred to Mr. Fronstin as a "quarterback" who "does not charge for his role of coordinating all the parties and orchestrating a highly sophisticated and unprecedented strategy and response to this Ponzi Scheme."

Mr. Fronstin observed that "immediately after establishing the team approach, investors felt much better since they no longer had to spend every hour stressing over how to handle this situation. "Although a specific strategy will not be implemented until more information about the crime is revealed, "investors find tremendous relief knowing they are receiving accurate information, literally as the investigation unfolds, and that they have a team of experts pursuing every angle to assure they will receive the greatest possible recovery."

Some of the areas Mr. Fronstin addresses on his Dream Team are;

  1. Legal tax advice and accounting experts to advice on amending tax returns and filing future year tax returns.
  2. Applying for and assuring the greatest return on SIPC claims.
  3. Protecting against claw-back lawsuits and redemption lawsuits
  4. Insurance experts to review investor's insurance policies and determine any coverage that exists, such as with homeowner's insurance.
  5. Legislative allies at Federal and State levels to assist in legislation and IRS policies helpful to Madoff victims.
  6. Counsel from where the investor resides to address interests specific to the investor's home State as well as NY counsel familiar with NY laws since Mr. Madoff's business and the investigation are located in NY.
  7. Individuals close to the investigation that can provide accurate and timely information to the investors.
  8. Bankruptcy experts to monitor the Madoff bankruptcy proceedings.
  9. Psychiatrists and psychologists to address the emotional trauma investors are experiencing.
  10. Philanthropy counsel to handle the substantial charitable commitments investors previously made but can no longer fulfill.
  11. Plaintiff's attorneys to evaluate investor's situations individually and determine what claims each investor has and then proceed with filing lawsuits.
  12. Criminal prosecution representation to assure Mr. Madoff is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law in every possible jurisdiction and that restitution is required as part of any sentence.

Mr. Fronstin promises "the team will be extremely pro-active and aggressive in recovering as much as possible for investors."

About Guy Fronstin, P.A.

Guy Fronstin, Esq. is a former securities industry attorney for the NASD (now FINRA) and a former Florida criminal prosecutor at the Office of State Attorney, 15th Judicial Circuit, who now is in private practice as a criminal defense attorney handling all criminal matters, including Ponzi schemes. In addition to representing his own Client base defending cases ranging from Federal Fraud, counterfeiting and Insurance crimes to State cases such as DUI Manslaughter/DUI, Domestic Violence, Drug Trafficking and Murder, he also represents victims who retain Fronstin to assure that the perpetrator is arrested and duly prosecuted. Fronstin has co-counseled numerous high visibility caseswith prominent criminal defense attorney, Roy Black, as well as Alan Dershowitz, and Ken Starr, among others. Most recently he successfully defended NFL player David Boston and self-made Wall Street Billionaire Jeff Epstein. Currently he is counsel to Dr. Stewart Gorenberg whose wife, Randi, was murdered after shopping at Town Center Mall in Boca Raton, Florida.